Sea Change Fibers ~ Be the Change
Sea Change Fibers ~ Be the Change
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Stacie preorder

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Stacie is part of the Springtime Witch Rising collection. The colors are inspired by my daughter's love of tarot and all things witchy, as well as my witchy friends. Stacie is probably my witchiest friend. If you need anything she'll pull it out of her carpetbag and bring it over on her broom (although she ships it during the pandemic). Orange is her color. This orange has tonal changes from pink to orange to brown.

Available on the following non-superwash bases:

Littoral DK - 100% Falklands Merino, 260 yards/100g.
Littoral Fingering - 100% Falklands Merino, 435 yards/100g.
Seacliff Worsted - 100% CA Rambouillet, 220 yards/100g.
Seacliff Sport - 100% CA Rambouillet, 340 yards/100g.
Seacliff Fingering - 100% CA Rambouillet, 450 yards/100g.
Pelagic Worsted - 100% Shaniko Merino/Rambouillet, 220 yards/100g.
Pelagic Sport - 100% Shaniko Merino/Rambouillet, 325 yards/100g.
Pelagic Fingering - 100% Shaniko Merino/Rambouillet, 400 yards/100g.
Epipelagic Bulky - 80% Shaniko Merino/Rambouillet, 120 yards/100g.
Intertidal High Tide - 100% Rambouillet, 325 yards/100g. 2 plies white/1 ply black
Ecola Worsted - 85% merino/15% silk.
Ecola Sport - 85% merino/15% silk.
Ecola Fine - 85% merino/15% silk.