Flashing Sea Kit - Ecola Fine Herbsaint and Pattern Code

  • $37.00

Flashing Sea is part of the Sun and Fog Winter 2021 collection, which includes nine ocean-inspired accessories from Northern California designers, each of which can be made with 100g of yarn or less. The kit includes one skein of Ecola Fine in Herbsaint as well as a pattern code for a Ravelry download. If you are unable to use Ravelry, please email me and the pattern will be sent directly to you.

This shawl is inspired by the soothing rhythm of ocean waves, the invigorating energy of their spray, and the delightful sparkle of sunlight on the sea.

The waves are represented by cables undulating along the upper and lower edges of the shawl, while eyelets scattered across a garter stitch background suggest the sparkling spray.

Its name is taken from the second verse of the “Hymn of Joy,” written by Henry van Dyke for Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” melody:

All thy works with joy surround thee,
earth and heaven reflect thy rays,
stars and angels sing around thee,
center of unbroken praise.
Field and forest, vale and mountain,
blooming meadow, flashing sea,
chanting bird and flowing fountain,
call us to rejoice in thee.