About Us

The Dye Project began in 2016 in the community room of the now sadly closed Happy Knits in Portland OR and is currently located in Santa Cruz CA. It was born out of a desire to combine the gorgeous colors and variations of hand dyed processes with wooly non-superwash yarn that people will love to knit. All of our yarns have been carefully chosen to be both wonderful to work with and fabulous to wear. They do require a bit of extra care by hand washing only, but we believe they're worth it. 

All colors are created in house and inspired by the world around us. Living by the beach and the forest means eternal inspiration. Most of our colors are semi-solid so that they are timeless and work well combined with the more trendy yarns from other indie dyers that we love. 

The Dye Project uses a variety of bases - none of them superwash. Because most come direct from the mill, they may have seasonal or limited availability.

Mountain series (single origin wool)

Montara Corriedale DK - 

Corriedale's long staple length and finer fibers make for a perfect sweater yarn. Cables really shine in the round 4-ply structure of Montara. This is the yarn you want for a traditional wooly sweater that's still soft and wearable. 260 yards/100g

Soquel Polwarth/silk DK -

Sometimes the divisions between categories blur, and that is totally the case for our beautiful Soquel base. The addition of silk to this lovely softer Polwarth base adds just a bit of strength and sheen while leaving it pretty firmly in the more "sheepy" Mountain series. The hanks are large (725 yards each!) and priced for more affordable sweater knitting. I just can't get enough of it. 725 yards/250g

Wahkeena Merino Sport -

The only merino to live in our Mountain series, Wahkeena is not your typical merino yarn. It is grown, spun, and dyed in the Western US and is available in limited quantities. American merino has more "tooth" than most merino yarns on the market and is well suited to sweaters as well as shawls and other accessories. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the difference. 360 yards/100g

Montara Corriedale/Nylon Sock -

The sock yarn for those of us who want to skip the superwash! It has all the wonderful characteristics of Corriedale in a smoothly spun sock yarn combined with 20% nylon for strength and durability. It will plump up a bit more with its first wash than a superwash sock yarn does, due to the retention of the scales that lock in air between the fibers. It's the yarn that finally made a sock knitter out of me! 435 yards/100g (also available in 25g mini skeins)

Coastal series - luxury merino 

Ecola Merino/Silk worsted -

Take all the words used to describe merino - buttery soft, kitten-like, delicious - and triple them. This 19.5 micron merino is combined with 15% silk and then loosely plied in a pebbly texture that makes colors glow. It's incredible to knit and to wear. This yarn shines best in stockinette or garter for luxurious sweaters or simple lace patterns for shawls and scarves. It's a perfect yarn for an heirloom baby item as well. I could play with it all day (and often do)!  215 yards/100g

Ecola Merino/Silk sport -

The same beautiful base fibers as Ecola worsted but spun more tightly and smoothly for a gorgeous yarn that can be used for just about anything. 350 yards/100g

Ecola Merino/Silk Fine -

See, I can't get enough of this base yarn! The light fingering 2 ply yarn is drapey and smooth, with a balanced 2 ply twist. It will shine in shawls and other accessories, as well as heirloom baby knits or epic luxury sweaters. At 500 yards per skein, one skein can make a smaller shawl and 2-3 will make something amazing. 500 yards/100g

Multnomah Merino/Silk fingering -

A lovely combination of 75% Falklands merino and 25% mulberry silk. This amazing yarn manages to be both silky and fluffy at the same time. It's a 4 ply fingering weight with a lot of air in it, so the gauge is very flexible up to about 22 stitches per 4". Use it for almost any project - it loves cables and lace as well as plain stockinette and garter. Just one touch and you'll be sold. 435 yards/100g

Neskowin Merino fingering -

The same beautiful Falklands merino as Multnomah, standing alone without the silk. This is a soft but truly bouncy merino that could be used in sweaters as well as accessory and baby projects. Its flexible gauge makes it versatile as a substitute yarn for sport weight projects, making a warm but lightweight garment. It's a favorite baby project yarn for those who know how to care for hand washable wools. 435 yards/100g

Ventana BFL/Silk fingering

Ventana blends natural grey Blue Faced Leicester wool with 25% mulberry silk for a truly unique soft and rustic feeling yarn that glows with color. The grey tones of the base yarn peek through the color for a warm heathered effect. We're totally smitten and we know you will be too. 435 yards/100g