Twelve Days Mystery Kit

Twelve Days Mystery Kit

  • $90.00

The perfect gift to sneak under your tree for yourself is a Twelve Days Mystery Kit! This kit contains twelve Fat Quarters (25g skeins) of Montara Corriedale/nylon sock yarn in your choice of color scheme, for a total of 300g of yarn, You will also receive a coupon code for 20% off a yarn purchase for full skeins to coordinate (or any other yarn your heart desires) and a special stitch marker. Each color is wrapped separately for you to open one per day for the 12 days of Christmas, or to rip open with wild abandon all at once.

Montara sock is a non-superwash 80% Corriedale wool and 20% nylon. It is a smooth yarn that blooms beautifully with washing and is excellent for  socks and colorwork shawls, hats and sweaters. It is soft, yet wooly and sturdy - a real wool lover's yarn from England.

There are 4 color options to choose from, but the exact colors in each kit will be a holiday surprise. They will be a combination of existing and new colorways.

*** Rainbow - a jewel toned rainbow of colors, plus two neutrals

*** Mostly Warm - mostly warm colors (purple to yellow) with a complementary cool color and two neutrals

*** Mostly Cool - mostly cool colors (green to purple) with a complementary warm color and two neutrals

*** Mostly Neutral - mostly neutral colors (brown/grey/black/navy) with a few pops of color to liven things up

The Twelve Days kit will ship on or before December 15, for arrival before Christmas. If it is shipping internationally, I will send it as soon as possible to allow for extra travel time.